An Auckland Business Lawyer, Can Help Your Company, Whatever Its Size


It is important to have a legal advice for your business. Whether you are small, large or somewhere in between, it’s important that all businesses seek the advice and representation of an experienced Auckland business lawyer who can protect their interests from any damaging disputes or financial issues.


What Sort Of Work Will An Auckland Business Lawyer Do?

New Start-ups Need Company Law Advice

Starting your own business can be scary, but you have to ask yourself some questions. What are the ultimate goals of my business? Will I need financing in order for this goal to become reality? Do I want protection against creditors by filing bankruptcy or setting up an LLC and what is that going to cost me down the line when it’s time for future investments? Questions like these should help get everyone on board with starting their own company.



Contracts for selling products or services are known as Terms of Trade. For retail and consumer businesses, those are covered by various Acts that protect consumers and provide warranties or guarantees.


For simple B2B trade, the terms are usually on the reverse of order sheets so the customer receives the Terms of Trade at the point of purchase.


These Terms need to be written by an Auckland business lawyer so that your interests are protected.


However, for many complex business-to-business transactions, the contract details can be extensive. These most definitely need to be drawn-up by experienced Auckland business lawyers so that you are protected, whichever side you are on.


Leasing Buildings

Many firms lease their space. The terms of a commercial lease are typically quite different from those of a residential lease. It is critical that business owners or managers are aware of the fees and obligations associated with renting their facilities.


Auckland business lawyersFor commercial properties, for example, maintenance is normally the responsibility of the renter. They are often required to renovate their building too within a certain time-frame.


As you can see, these requirements are far more strict than those for renting an apartment, thus it’s a good idea to seek legal guidance before signing any commercial contract.


Rent negotiations for businesses is another service provided by some business or commercial lawyers. The lawyer is usually familiar with comparable rents and is also a skilled negotiator. They will be dispassionate as well, so ask your lawyer to assist you in negotiating with your landlord.


Protecting Company Finances

Business is about money. Companies need money for many issues such as to finance their growth, pay suppliers and staff, pay taxes and many more outlets. So, it is essential to protect any money that a company receives. Perhaps even more important is collecting money that is due to the business.


In all of these situations, a good business lawyer can help.


Further, a growing company may need to raise capital. This is a complex topic and definitely needs the expertise of business lawyers who can advise on the terms and write the various offer documents and memoranda.

How An Auckland Business Lawyer Can Help You

If your company is a start-up or a more mature operation, an Auckland business lawyer can advise the entrepreneurs and owners on essential issues like Intellectual Property, the company structure and ownership, Shareholder Agreements and Terms of Trade.


Other areas they can help include cash collection, lease and rental negotiations, and even tax issues.


Whatever size or state of maturity your business is at, contact a top Auckland business lawyer like McVeagh Fleming in the city CBD.

Top Reasons To Hire An Auckland Dispute Resolution Lawyer Before Filing A Court Case


Fence DisputeLawsuits that end up turning into long-drawn court cases are extremely expensive with most of the costs that arise in the process going towards legal fees. For example, if an estate owner dies and the dependents start fighting over the estate in court, at the end of the court battle, most of the estate can end up being auctioned to cater for legal fees. Any dispute that goes to court will be very expensive and take a long time. Therefore, to get a faster and lower cost solution talk to an Auckland dispute resolution lawyer as soon as possible.


Some people do not know that legal disputes can be settled without either party setting foot in court. In fact, the courts encourage the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanism before a case is heard by a judge. If you are thinking of lodging a lawsuit against another individual, you can save yourself a lot of stress, time and money, and, still get the justice you are seeking by consulting a dispute lawyer. Often times, simply receiving a letter from an Auckland dispute resolution lawyer will halt the other party from taking further cation.


There are numerous routes for dispute resolution but the most common are one of four paths:

  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Court


In this process, your lawyer will negotiate with the lawyer from the other party. Each lawyer will advise their client on the merits of the case and proposed actions. Sometimes a client doesn’t like a proposed solution and not want to accept an outcome. Their lawyer will advise if this is a good or least worse result they might expect so often the lawyer is negotiating with their own client to accept an offer on the table.


This is when two parties sit down with a single lawyer to discuss a situation. The lawyer can advise either or both parties if their claim is fair or acceptable in law. For example, divorcing couples may not understand child access arrangements or rights. A mediator can explain the legal position to help them reach an amicable outcome without the cost of going through lawyers.


This is when all parties submit their position to an arbitrator. The arbitrator or arbitration panel will consider all the evidence and then issue a decision. That decision is binding and enforceable in court.


What Are The Benefits Of Hiring An Auckland Dispute Resolution Lawyer?


Auckland dispute resolution lawyersTaking a case to court is extremely expensive and many courts have backlogs with cases before them. Using a dispute resolution lawyer will reduce the costs and more than likely produce an outcome far sooner than going to court. Even if the outcome isn’t as you would wish for, simply by not having the stress and pressure of a case hanging over and halting your activity can make life easier.


Legal proceedings also tend to break up a lot of relationships. This is because at the end of most legal proceedings, only one party usually wins. However, dispute lawyers usually strive to arrive at a solution that works for both parties. A dispute lawyer can therefore help you salvage your relationship with the individual you are looking to sue.


A Guide On How To Find A Top Dispute Lawyer


Ideally, you should look for a dispute resolution lawyer who meets the qualifications listed below.


  • They should be licensed to practice law
  • They should be adept at communication and consult you frequently
  • They should be highly adept at mediation
  • They should be seasoned at negotiation and have a proven track record of registering wins on behalf of their clients.

The easiest way to find someone who fits the bill is to search online. Alternatively, you can ask friends or colleagues if they have worked with a lawyer for similar circumstances.

Results and Likely Outcomes

Sometimes a lawyer will advise accepting an offer which looks to be to your disadvantage. This will be because the time and costs of taking the case to further levels will be too expensive and unlikely to lead to a better outcome for you. The lawyer is not going to be disadvantaged since you will be paying for their time so if a solicitor does suggest this, then it is most likely that this is the best outcome you are going to get.



Ignoring or trying to resolve a dispute on your own are two poor options. Hoping it will go away is unlikely and trying to resolve a situation can leave you exposed or in a much worse position than you need to be.  Talk to an experienced dispute resolution lawyer in Auckland who will be able to suggest a good path and hopefully avoid the massive cost and time of going to court.  A dispute lawyer will have worked on many similar cases and will have a much better idea of the law and likely outcome. Listen to them.


To help with any disputes you may have, McVeagh Fleming in Auckland can help. You can get more details here.

How To Find The Right Auckland City Lawyer

LawyerGiven that there is such a large number of lawyers practicing in any given locale, it can be difficult indeed to find the right practitioner for your legal needs. Clients need to find the right fit, because lawyer-client relationships can last for years and encompass several critical life events. Building a strong foundation with an Auckland city lawyer can help make the process of navigating difficult times a bit easier, and it can facilitate more positive outcomes in a range of areas.


There may be situations in which you do not need full-service legal help. Under such scenarios, you might want to contact a local legal assistance organisation that can provide guidance for those who may be financially unable to retain formal counsel. However, if your legal situation is complex in nature, it is necessary to find an Auckland city lawyer to represent you. This can be especially useful if you live or work in the Auckland CBD.


A great way to find skilled lawyers in your area is to ask friends, colleagues, and relatives to provide personal referrals. If their experience with a practitioner was good, yours is likely to be as well.


If you are unable to secure a personal recommendation from someone you know, check the Internet for lawyer referral services in the Auckland CBD. In this way, you will be able to access a list of lawyers in your town that will likely be broken down by area of legal practice. This makes finding the right lawyer that much easier. Whether your issue relates to a family law situation, a business dispute, or a criminal defense matter, searching in this way is a good tactic for finding several lawyers with whom you can make initial contact and narrow your list to a final choice.


Auckland city lawyerIf you prefer to align yourself with a larger firm that employs lawyers focused on a range of practice areas, the benefits can be many. Because an individual or business will likely have a range of legal needs with the passage of time, having a relationship with a firm that employs all sorts of lawyers can be extremely helpful. Knowing that the firm with which you have a standing affiliation likely has someone on staff who can handle just about any issue that may arise offers a great deal of peace of mind.


Many larger law firms also employ lawyers who are fluent in a range of languages. This can be critical to those who may require assistance in non-traditional ways that smaller firms or solo practitioners are unable to support.


In the end, conducting an honest assessment of your likely legal needs, both now and into the future, and taking a close look at the qualities you find important in a legal service provider are the best ways to find a lawyer or a law firm with which you can be truly comfortable. In terms of establishing a productive and beneficial relationship with a lawyer, honest communication and a high level of trust are essential, and by doing your research in advance, you will be able to find both.


McVeagh Fleming is a larger Auckland city law firm with a wide range of skilled lawyers some of whom can speak Korean or Mandarin.


You can find out more from their website

Instances Where You Require The Services Of South Auckland Disputes Lawyers

Boundary dispute - fence postUnder normal circumstances, people’s view of having a lawyer is expensive. Most characters don’t understand the vitality of having them on speed dial until they have a predicament that requires legal attention. Law is a broad subject divided further into various topics to suit every available matter that people could be having. There is no single lawyer who can address all issues, thus requiring specialisations for unique needs. One of those is when people need to talk to South Auckland disputes lawyers.


Personal Injury

The professional to come to your aid in such a case is called a personal injury lawyer. Personal injuries occur due to the negligence of second or third parties. In this case, the first step is to file for compensation for your losses. The range of losses could vary widely, depending on what happened. Although it seems a short process, there are many legalities that only a lawyer can understand. You have to make that call for them to assess the situation. Going on without info can result in more losses or worst-case scenarios; you could underestimate your claim. Examples of such conditions include motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, and slip injuries in buildings without proper signage. The lawyer will work tirelessly to ensure they restore your physical, financial, and emotional interests. If any of these happen to you, look for one of the South Auckland disputes lawyers.


Family Disputes

Although people hope to live harmoniously without conflicts, the issue of family disputes cannot get evaded. Such problems could occur between siblings, spouses, and even extended family members. The cause of such difficulties usually is factors like wills, separations, and divorces. Imagine a situation where you are going separate ways with your patter due to irreconcilable issues. If you have children, the lawyer will advise best on who among you go with them. Other elements, like child protection or visitation rights, will also arise. The issue of wills always brings quandaries when one feels they were not an awarded property legally. Also, you will need assistance with a lawyer before writing the documents. Additionally, if the spouses are opting to have a prenuptial agreement, the professional will guide them to ensure both parties get adequate protection from the law.


Getting A Wrongful Job Termination

South Auckland disputes lawyerMost people who suffer job losses do not bother about looking into the aspect since they assume it was their fault. It is even worse where you have limited information about how the law favors you in such a case. However, the dismissal could be wrong; thus, you stand a chance to better treatment. Seeking service from a lawyer would help to get you enlightened about what is in store. The possibilities are that you could sue your employer for this act. However, the lawyers will have to go through the employment contract to ascertain that the employer was wrong. They will then take you through a step by step process on how to approach the matter.


Do not make an assumption and take liability for the case where you legally suffered losses, yet you have an opportunity for fair treatment.


One of the South Auckland disputes lawyers you can consider is McVeagh Fleming in Manukau.

Manukau Property Lawyer – Do You Need One?

HouseIt is a good idea to look for a property lawyer whenever you want to buy or sell a house or land. This is because of the fact that the real estate buying or selling process is fraught with several legal issues. Hiring a property lawyer can help you save both time and money when buying or selling a house or land as the lawyer will ensure that you do the transaction in the right way.

In addition, hiring a property lawyer can help you avoid making decisions based on emotions. This is important considering the fact that we make emotional decisions during the real estate buying or selling process. Most of the people out there see their home as the biggest purchase they make in their lives.

A good property lawyer knows how to ensure that his or her client gets value for his or her hard-earned money. Without legal advice, you may end up making a regrettable decision. When buying an investment property, the issues involved are usually clearer cut. When you start, you see the entire process as a business transaction.

However, when you are looking for a house to live in, you don’t think of it as a business transaction and you may not be as careful as when you are looking for an investment property. As such, it is good to look for a property lawyer to help you out. A property lawyer will help you check the contracts and all the documents to ensure that the clauses in terms of payments and unconditional status are correct.

Manukau property lawyerThere are many new developments in the region and if you are planning to buy property in these new areas, ensure that you hire a good property lawyer. I know that it can be tempting to buy property as soon as possible to avoid missing on the home of your dreams. However, you should remember that in as much as speed may be important, it can cause you to make a poor decision.

Before you start looking for a house to buy, find a reputable property lawyer to help you throughout the process. With professional assistance, the whole process will become smooth and you will get value for your money.

Even though a property lawyer cannot help you find a house that will suit your needs or choose a house that is found in the right location, the lawyer will check the paperwork and ensure that you get value for your money by dealing with complex paperwork and legal contracts. The right property lawyer will give you peace of mind when buying or selling a house or land.

Top 5 Most Common Services Offered By A Warkworth Lawyer

law-libraryLawyers offer a variety of services to the people of Warkworth. Many are commonplace but other services they offer are not even known to the general public. Lawyers offer a variety of services ranging from consultations to representation. You can acquire the services of a Warkworth lawyer to help solve disputes and be a neutral party in a conflict. To get the best services, it is good that you go to a reputable law firm as they have enough experience and the team of lawyers work together to provide quality services. Here are some of the services that a Warkworth lawyer might provide:

  • Real Estate Services

If you are looking to sell or purchase land, then it is proper that you acquire the services of a lawyer, a lawyer with good great experience and skills will help you negotiate and land the best price that will massively benefit you. Commercial properties will require a lawyer that is experienced and has a good history of corporate deals, your lawyer will file up the paperwork and legal documents, the lawyer will confirm leasing details of the property you wish to buy.

  • Legal Representation

If you are accused of breaking the law and you are taken to court, you can acquire the services of a lawyer who will represent you in court. It is hard to understand the court formalities and proceedings thus a lawyer will help you and at the same time fight for your innocence. Representation includes, questioning witnesses, presenting arguments and presenting your case. Having an experienced lawyer by your side will help you win your case and you will be stress free because your lawyer will take up the workload.

  • Legal Advice

Due to the limited legal knowledge in the general community, you need the services of your lawyer to guide you on matter concerning law. The law is wide and broad; hence you need someone who has specialized in interpreting it. Seeking legal advice before doing anything will make you avert a lot of mistakes that can cost you. A lawyer can give you advice about court cases and the laws that relate to your particular case. A lawyer can also give you advice on matters involving divorce and settling a divorce well as all the financial obligations required.

  • Corporate Law

If you are entering into deals or anything that requires paperwork to ensure authenticity. A lawyer is necessary as they can draw up necessary contracts that adhere to the law. Firms always consult lawyers before they can sign any contracts so as the lawyer can interpret keywords and hidden meanings in contracts. A lawyer will notify on the advantages and disadvantages that are present in s contract.

  • Divorce and Separation

Warkworth lawyerA common issue for many couples, in fact around almost half, is legal separation or divorce. Some couples can manage a separation with relatively little damage, financially, emotionally, and physically. Others though just don’t seem to accept the situation. Separating couples in New Zealand are lucky in that in most situations, assets are split 50:50, even if one partner thinks it should be otherwise. This is why people need to consult a lawyer to ensure their fair share and claims are reached.

If you have any legal issues then consult a Warkworth lawyer as soon as possible, and whatever you do, do not commit to anything or sign any documents until you have spoken to a lawyer. A law firm like McVeagh Fleming would be a good one to consult.

People Often Need A Building Disputes Lawyer

Surprisingly often people find themselves involved in building disputes. The people involved can cover a wide-range of roles such as builders, developers, sub-contractors, or property owners, and many more. In New Zealand there is a process for attempting to resolve building disputes via the Building Disputes Tribunal but your first step in the legal process is to contact a building disputes lawyer for advice.

Construction projectThere can be many reasons why you need to find a building disputes lawyer in Auckland.  It need not be simply some defects in the actual construction. The building may not be to plan which will involve the architect, the building company, the client and possibly Auckland Council too.

If the work is not up to the agreed standard, then the main building contractor will have a dispute with the relevant sub-contractor.  Each will argue their case and if they cannot agree, then doubtless one side will start legal proceedings to get a result. This will undoubtedly warrant hiring a building disputes lawyer to provide help.

Another scenario is if sub-contractors are not paid by the main contractor. We have seen a number of collapses of major construction companies in New Zealand in recent times including Ebert Construction and Arrow Construction. Sub-contractors have lost a lot of money from these two situations so they ought not let their unpaid bills build up and take steps early on to get paid.  Hiring a lawyer skilled in building disputes will be able to help sub-contractors before situations get out of hand.

Sometimes the owner of a building site might not disclose certain information they have which can materially affect the construction costs after the project has begun. In such situations, a contractor needs to have a strong contract in place to begin with but if important information is not disclosed, then the building contractor could have a case against the owner for increased construction costs.

Other disputes can arise around timing for example if a sub-contractor or a supplier is late in providing their service or products. This can have serious knock-on effects as many large-scale construction projects have lateness penalties. If a supplier is late, who is responsible for the late penalties? This process is known as construction sequencing and involves coordinating all the parts and processes of the complete construction project.

A key element of this is ensuring that the correct building permits have been sourced from the Council and are accurate. What if plant and equipment is not available or not working properly? Who is responsible for that?  All of this needs to be arranged beforehand so that the whole construction project can run smoothly.

The timely approval of Council Consent is a key factor. These days the Council approval process can take a long time so if the owner has a target date for completion, then they or their person responsible must work well in advance with the Council to make sure that the permits are available when construction is due to start.

Building disputes lawyer in AucklandOne of the biggest problems for and causes of delays in any building project are changes in design initiated by the owner. If you ask any builder, they will generally say this is their biggest issue. Not only does it require changes in material and construction, it usually causes an increase in the construction cost. This then leads to disputes after or even during the building project. The consequences for any design changes must be clearly established before the project is begun but if it is not, then almost certainly you will need to hire a building disputes lawyer.

If you need a building disputes lawyer in Auckland, McVeagh Fleming is an experienced law firm in this field. You can find more details on their website.

Why You Might Need to Hire A North Shore Insolvency Lawyer

InsolvencyInsolvency is a legal term that refers to a corporate debtor when it can no longer pay its debts when they become due for payment. There are three types of procedures for handling insolvency matters. These include voluntary administration, liquidation, and receivership. To understand which suits your situation best you will need to talk to a North Shore insolvency lawyer.


Note that personal insolvency procedures are those that focus on an individual and not a corporate entity. Bankruptcy is a personal insolvency procedure. Corporations face many complex issues surrounding insolvency. This is why it is important for a company to choose the appropriate North Shore insolvency lawyer. You may not know which procedure is best for your corporation without the help of this experienced, knowledgeable professional.


Hire an insolvency lawyer when your company shows the first signs of being unable to meet its bills every month. If your cash flow has been curtailed, it is especially important to take action straight away. While you begin looking for a lawyer, you should contact your creditors and let them know what is going on. They may be willing to give you extensions or settlement offers. In the meantime, here is a some useful information about insolvency from the New Zealand government.


Once you hire an insolvency lawyer they can help you decide if you should do a voluntary administration or a winding up.


Voluntary administration is where directors appoint someone to be the one to oversee most of the company’s assets. This person will investigate the company’s status, financial affairs and will stay in contact with all creditors to advise further.


A winding up is where the company sells its assets and distributes its proceeds. This procedure is also called liquidation. It may be handled through the courts or the creditors may be paid through a company’s voluntary liquidation.  If a voluntary administration is not suitable and a winding up is not quite in order, a company may opt for a receivership.


There are secured creditors of the corporation that may appoint a receiver. This is where the receiver takes charge over the company’s assets. They will often sell the assets that can be sold in order to recover enough to pay back debts owed by the company.


No matter what type of insolvency procedure a corporation ends up being a part of, the process can be long and difficult for all directors and employees. It can be a serious situation where the corporation goes out of business and leaves many people without jobs. This is one reason that a company should hire an insolvency lawyer the moment it cannot meet all its monthly bills.


North Shore Insolvency LawyerIf your company is unable to pay its debts on time now, it is better to consult with an insolvency lawyer right away rather than wait. You can take time finding the right lawyer by asking important questions about them. Make sure that the one you hire is familiar with your industry and has experience helping insolvent companies resolve their financial issues successfully.


Find out if the lawyer can bill you a flat rate or if they will bill your company by the hour. The sooner you start, the sooner you can put your company on the road to recovery.


If you have a business on the North Shore of Auckland, and need advice around insolvency issues, contact McVeagh Fleming. They have a team of experts who can help you.

Auckland Employment Lawyer

A lot happens in the workplace and sometimes you may feel like your employment rights have been violated. Issues such as defamation, wage disputes, wrongful termination, sexual harassment may call for you to hire an employment lawyer. The role of an Auckland employment lawyer is to help you get the right treatment by an employer according to the laws of New Zealand. It is therefore important to find a qualified lawyer to help with the specific problem you are going through. Many factors need to be considered before hiring an employment lawyer. Discussed below are essential points you need to know before hiring one.

Angry Businessman

Experience As An Employment Lawyer In Auckland

When trying to determine which Auckland employment lawyer to pick, the first thing you need to consider is whether he or she has experience in your particular claim. Get to know how long they have worked with employees versus businesses because this will enable you to gauge their level of expertise. Besides this, try to find out how many cases they have been successful in.

Having this information is crucial because you want to work with an employment lawyer that understands this complex field of law, and can offer good advice regarding your particular issue. Be specific about the claim you are addressing to see if they have experience in that topic. For example,  if your case revolves around sexual harassment at work, you will focus on working with an employment lawyer who handles sexual harassment cases. A lawyer that specialises in a particular field has a higher chance of successfully representing your case as opposed to a general lawyer.

The field of employment law is complex, ever-changing and wide-ranging so it is important that you find a lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours.


An initial meeting is an essential part in the process of choosing an employment lawyer. This is gives you the chance to meet the lawyer that may be working on your case. In this meeting, ask for the estimated cost of pursuing your claim. Ask the lawyer what they think the likely outcome of the case will be and a potential plan of action.

Auckland employment lawyer

It is also important to see if you will get along with the lawyer. While they will not become your friend, it is key that you are comfortable with that potential lawyer. Often for female clients, they prefer to work with a female lawyer but that is not always the case.

From the lawyer’s responses, you can decide whether or not you would be interested in working with that person. You can also opt to visit several law firms that offer a free consultation which will give you more insight and enable you to make a more educated decision on whether to pursue the case further or not.

Payment Arrangements

Be clear on the payment arrangement to avoid future misunderstandings. Legal work can become expensive so you need to be prepared for that. Again, ask the lawyer what they think it might cost to follow through with your claim.

Hiring An Auckland Employment Lawyer

After considering all the factors above, you should be able to find a lawyer you feel comfortable with and can work with. This will help you understand your position, and hopefully will result in the outcome that you want. It seems like a challenge finding a good Auckland employment lawyer but you will not regret it. If you have any employment law issues with your employer, contact McVeagh Fleming & Co. They are a medium-sized Auckland law firm and have a team of employment

Some Reasons Why Employees Might Need An Auckland Employment Lawyer

There will be a point when you will need the services of a lawyer, and it is important to know the right type of lawyer needed for your situation. When it comes to issues dealing with the workplace, you need to have a person to help you out and ensure everything goes well. They can help you with advice on the right course of action if you have a problem. A workplace lawyer is your greatest asset when it comes to improving your workplace environment. Many workplace lawyers have experience working with both employers and employees and are able to see the problem from both angles. Below are some reasons why employees may need to have an Auckland employment lawyer.

Reviewing a Job Offer

An Auckland employment lawyer will not come in handy just when you have lost your job, but they can be the greatest asset when you are starting a new one. The contract is your security when you start the job, and it should be able to help you if something goes wrong. The contract will determine how much you will be entitled to if the employer decides to terminate your position in the future. The employment lawyer will ensure that the contract you are signing puts you in a good position when starting out on the new job.

Dealing with a workplace issue

There are some situations when workplace conflicts will come up and can put the parties involved in a difficult situation. This can sometimes affect the workplace and reduce the productivity of the staff. These challenges will always be there, but the important thing is how they are going to be dealt with. Every challenge coming doesn’t mean the end of your working relationship. An employment can help in the assessment of the situation and provide a possible solution that will have the least impact on your workplace relationship. There is a chance that the employment lawyer has dealt with a similar case in the past and they are in a good position to provide the best solution.

Harassment and discrimination

This is an unfortunate reality in the workplace despite multiple laws in place to prevent such treatment. Employees are protected by law and any person who breaks the law deserves justice. There are different solutions for these problems and an employment lawyer will help you know the options possible.

Negotiating an exit package

Auckland employment lawyerFor employees looking for a way out of their role after serving for a long time, there is a speedy way to retirement. During the right situation, an employment lawyer can work with the legal team to come up with a plan of exit that satisfies both the employee and employers.


Losing a job is a tough thing to go through, especially when you have a family to support. An employment will not be able to take the pain away, they can help in ensuring that you received a fair treatment and received the best possible pay-out depending on your situation.

With an Auckland employment lawyer, you will have an easier time at your workplace.