An Auckland Business Lawyer, Can Help Your Company, Whatever Its Size


It is important to have a legal advice for your business. Whether you are small, large or somewhere in between, it’s important that all businesses seek the advice and representation of an experienced Auckland business lawyer who can protect their interests from any damaging disputes or financial issues.


What Sort Of Work Will An Auckland Business Lawyer Do?

New Start-ups Need Company Law Advice

Starting your own business can be scary, but you have to ask yourself some questions. What are the ultimate goals of my business? Will I need financing in order for this goal to become reality? Do I want protection against creditors by filing bankruptcy or setting up an LLC and what is that going to cost me down the line when it’s time for future investments? Questions like these should help get everyone on board with starting their own company.



Contracts for selling products or services are known as Terms of Trade. For retail and consumer businesses, those are covered by various Acts that protect consumers and provide warranties or guarantees.


For simple B2B trade, the terms are usually on the reverse of order sheets so the customer receives the Terms of Trade at the point of purchase.


These Terms need to be written by an Auckland business lawyer so that your interests are protected.


However, for many complex business-to-business transactions, the contract details can be extensive. These most definitely need to be drawn-up by experienced Auckland business lawyers so that you are protected, whichever side you are on.


Leasing Buildings

Many firms lease their space. The terms of a commercial lease are typically quite different from those of a residential lease. It is critical that business owners or managers are aware of the fees and obligations associated with renting their facilities.


Auckland business lawyersFor commercial properties, for example, maintenance is normally the responsibility of the renter. They are often required to renovate their building too within a certain time-frame.


As you can see, these requirements are far more strict than those for renting an apartment, thus it’s a good idea to seek legal guidance before signing any commercial contract.


Rent negotiations for businesses is another service provided by some business or commercial lawyers. The lawyer is usually familiar with comparable rents and is also a skilled negotiator. They will be dispassionate as well, so ask your lawyer to assist you in negotiating with your landlord.


Protecting Company Finances

Business is about money. Companies need money for many issues such as to finance their growth, pay suppliers and staff, pay taxes and many more outlets. So, it is essential to protect any money that a company receives. Perhaps even more important is collecting money that is due to the business.


In all of these situations, a good business lawyer can help.


Further, a growing company may need to raise capital. This is a complex topic and definitely needs the expertise of business lawyers who can advise on the terms and write the various offer documents and memoranda.

How An Auckland Business Lawyer Can Help You

If your company is a start-up or a more mature operation, an Auckland business lawyer can advise the entrepreneurs and owners on essential issues like Intellectual Property, the company structure and ownership, Shareholder Agreements and Terms of Trade.


Other areas they can help include cash collection, lease and rental negotiations, and even tax issues.


Whatever size or state of maturity your business is at, contact a top Auckland business lawyer like McVeagh Fleming in the city CBD.